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ACAM Systems stay ahead industrial requirements for specialist systems. We offer advanced control, automation and design systems. Our experienced engineers meet a challenge and prepare dedicated solution for your company.

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About us

ACAM Systems have launched in 2018. We are experienced engineering team who implemented a number of solutions for industrial.

Below, some of our engineers’ achievements:

  • DAQ System which is used for testing electromagnets at laboratory environment. That data acquisition  system is based on PXI Platform and LabVIEW Environment.
  • Hydroelectric powerplant’s parameters measurements system. The system is used for monitoring turbine, electric parameters, water level.
  • Railway systems (a vacuum toilet control system, an interior railway door control system).
  • Electric bus charger control system.


We offer a wide range of automation solutions.

ACAM Systems provide industrial control systems based on PLC, electric motors and pneumatic.

We develop visualizations based on HMI panels.

The company provide a services in industrial processes automation.

We also develop data acquisitions and testing systems which are based on National Instruments hardware – PXI, cRIO, compactDAQ. To make an analysis of measurement data, ACAM Systems offer  specialized data analysis applications.

ACAM Systems deliver machines for automatic assembly and testing processes.

We can satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customers.




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